Winship Cancer Network

The Winship Cancer Network was formed to improve access to high quality cancer care, cutting-edge research and continuing patient and provider education for affiliate partners in Georgia and the Southeast.

The Winship Cancer Network brings together a strong group of community hospitals and oncologists, all of which have credible reputations in their communities and are strategically located throughout the catchment area.

The network provides the unique opportunity for community healthcare organizations in the region to collaborate with Winship as a major academic research center, while simultaneously building and refining individual strengths and programs.

The overarching goals of the Winship Cancer Network are to improve access to and provision of high-quality cancer care, cutting-edge research, and continuing patient and provider education throughout Georgia and adjacent states.

Affiliates in the Winship Cancer Network include:

For more information, contact network administrator, Binu Abraham at (404) 778-6137 or

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