May 19, 2017

People Behind Comprehensive Designation: Clinical Trials Office

Photo of People Behind Comprehensive Designation: Clinical Trials Office

Bassel El-Rayes, MD, associate director for clinical research: Kim Nguyen, Tatiana Kurillo, Cathy Sharp, Pam Bourbo, and Kathleen Rodger.

Winship Cancer Institute earned comprehensive cancer center designation from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a result of years of hard work and commitment by many people.

Winship Cancer Institute's new National Cancer Institute comprehensive cancer center designation is due in part to the outstanding work of a dedicated team of more than 100 clinical trials specialists. They help provide patient access to over 250 clinical trials that pursue better treatments and approaches to nearly every type of cancer.

NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers conduct high-quality clinical cancer research that is both relevant and accessible to members of its community, especially underrepresented populations. They participate in NCI's National Clinical Trials network trials, including studies of rare cancers, and multi-site collaborations with other NCI-Designated Cancer Centers.

Winship's Clinical Trials Office provides the centralized management, coordination, and oversight of clinical cancer research conducted at Winship and its affiliate sites. The Clinical Trials Office provides the infrastructure for all aspects of trial conduct including design, regulatory processes, activation, conduct, data collection, and analysis, as well as training in clinical research for faculty and staff.

Winship was awarded comprehensive cancer center designation after a rigorous evaluation process conducted by the NCI and scientists from peer institutions. In both the written grant submission and presentations at a formal site visit, Winship's Clinical Trials Office effectively demonstrated the depth and breadth of Winship's outstanding clinical research and how it is changing the lives of the citizens of Georgia for the better.

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