Aug. 30, 2019

Winship launches Tobacco Cessation Program

Photo of Winship launches Tobacco Cessation Program

Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University has launched a free tobacco cessation program to help cancer patients quit smoking for good. The program combines personalized behavioral counseling sessions, motivational interviewing, and comprehensive tools to help overcome the barriers to stop smoking.

"We understand that patients who smoke have unique needs," says Lauren Franklin, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. "We have a highly experienced team of experts who will create a customized plan that uses the right combination of treatments to empower the patient to quit safely and comfortably."

Patients who quit smoking during cancer treatment see a number of benefits including an increase in the effectiveness of their treatment, an improvement in their immune system, and a lessening of the risks of side effects.

In addition to counseling, the Winship program offers nicotine replacement therapy and other pharmacotherapies which can significantly increase the likelihood of success. Winship experts collaborate with the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line. There is no cost to patients, and they are not required to travel to a Winship clinic location in order to participate.



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