March 25, 2019

AACR Annual Meeting in Atlanta to feature Winship research, leadership

Photo of AACR Annual Meeting in Atlanta to feature Winship research, leadership

Nearly 100 presenters from Winship will take part in the 110th annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) on March 29 – April 3, 2019, in Atlanta.

Nearly 100 presenters from Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University will take part in educational forums, oral platforms, mini-symposia, poster sessions, and other special programming at the 110th annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). The conference, which will take place March 29 - April 3, 2019, in Atlanta, is expected to attract more than 22,500 scientists, clinicians, advocates, and others from around the world.

Among the highlights, Suresh Ramalingam, MD, Winship Deputy Director, will speak at a clinical trials plenary session on March 31. Ramalingam will present the multi-institutional study "CT034 Osimertinib plus selumetinib for patients (pts) with EGFR-mutant (EGFRm) NSCLC following disease progression on an EGFR-TKI: Results from the phase Ib TATTON study."

Taofeek Owonikoko, MD, PhD will be a discussant in a clinical trials plenary session on April 1 titled, "Optimizing PD-1/PD-L1 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy: Dedicated to the Memory of Waun Ki Hong." Hong, a Past President of AACR and a founding member of Winship's External Advisory Board, died in January.

Madhav V. Dhodapkar, MBBS will present "Immunotherapy and immune regulation in MM" at the Advances in Multiple Myeloma session on April 2. On the same day, David Yu, MD, PhD will chair a mini-symposium titled, "Molecular and Cellular Biology/Genetics session on Oncogenes, Tumor Suppressors, and Carcinogenesis." The mini-symposium includes a presentation by Sanjay Chandrasekaran, MD, a fellow in the Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology, titled "Linking growth factors and immune actors: PTEN/PI3K signaling in cancer and the response to cytokines."

Winship Executive Director Walter J. Curran, Jr., MD is a featured speaker at "Progress and Promise Against Cancer," a free community event focused on addressing cancer health disparities, which will be held at Morehouse School of Medicine on March 30. Curran and other experts will share practical knowledge about cancer research, prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

Postdoctoral fellow Liza Burton, PhD will help lead a program for high school students titled, "The Conquest of Cancer and the Next Generation of Cancer Researchers," on March 29. Lee Cooper, PhD will present "AI tools for computational pathology" at a session on machine learning in cancer image analysis on Saturday, March 30. David Gutman, MD, PhD will present at a session sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute titled, "Establishing a searchable Imaging Data Commons: Mining digital pathology and tumor imaging," on March 31.

Several Winship trainees and students were selected to present oral abstracts on April 1. Chaoyun Pan, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Sumin Kang, PhD, will present "Metabolic product of inositol-trisphosphate 3-kinase B confers chemotherapy resistance by managing redox homeostasis." Richa Bajpai, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Mala Shanmugam, PhD, will present "Deciphering a metabolic basis for single-agent venetoclax efficacy in t(11;14) multiple myeloma." Caroline (Carey) Jansen, an MD/PhD student in the lab of Haydn Kissick, PhD, will present "CD8 T-cell infiltration into renal tumors requires a supportive antigen-presenting niche."

Jansen, along with radiation oncology resident Zachary Buchwald, MD, PhD and postdoctoral fellow Doratha Byrd, PhD, MPH garnered highly competitive awards based on outstanding abstract submissions and qualifications. Jansen and Buchwald, mentored by Mohammad Khan, MD, PhD and Rafi Ahmed, PhD, received AACR Scholar-in-Training Awards. Byrd, mentored by Roberd "Robin" Bostick, MD, MPH, received an AACR Minority Scholar in Cancer Research Award.

Winship will host the Society for Neuro-Oncology's 24th Neuro-Tumor Club dinner meeting on April 1. Faculty organizers are Drs. Hyunsuk Shim, Erwin Van Meir, Hui-Kuo Shu, Dolores Hambardzumyan, Renee Read, and Walter J. Curran, Jr.

After the conclusion of the AACR Annual Meeting on April 3, Winship will welcome AACR Global Scholar-in-Training Awards recipients, who represent meritorious early-career investigators from countries designated by the World Bank as low-, lower-middle, or upper-middle income economies. Winship will provide an afternoon of professional development and cancer-research focused sessions, tours of Winship clinical and laboratory facilities, and an opportunity to connect with peers during a networking reception.

In addition to the presentations, Winship will sponsor a booth (4160) in the Exhibition Hall.

Poster sessions will highlight Winship research and clinical findings. View a complete schedule of sessions featuring lead authors from Winship.

Visit the AACR Annual Meeting website to view the full program.

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