Oct. 26, 2020

A letter from Dr. Wally Curran

Photo of A letter from Dr. Wally Curran

Dear Winship,

This past Monday I informed Dr. Jon Lewin of my intent to step down from my role as Winship's Executive Director effective January 19, 2021. I thanked Jon for all of the support provided to Winship by Emory University, Woodruff Health Sciences Center, and Emory Healthcare over the eleven years I have served in this role. This support and the extraordinary work of every one of you reading this email has allowed Winship to emerge as one of the elite cancer centers in the nation in cancer care and prevention, research, and education. I will begin my next professional chapter in January serving as the Global Chief Medical Officer of GenesisCare, a rapidly growing international group which is now the world’s largest provider of radiation oncology care and a major global provider of other medical services. I will continue my service as a group chairman of NRG Oncology. In order to continue to train for and participate in future Winship 5K's, I will still reside in Atlanta.

I am completely immodest on behalf of all of you and Winship to say that our progress as a cancer center over the past few decades has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our progress from years of P20 planning grants to a very short transition from NCI designation in 2009 to an outstanding review and NCI comprehensive cancer center designation in 2017 reflects the amazing and collaborative work that every one of you does every day. Winship's transformation into an elite cancer center has benefited our community in terms of our care and service, our provision of new and promising approaches to cancer care and prevention, and the workforce and economic benefits of having a world class cancer center in Georgia. Winship’s contributions to generalizable cancer knowledge in every domain has escalated in recent years and will continue to do so.

Dr. Lewin and other Emory leaders will work with Winship leaders and others over the next weeks to ensure a smooth leadership transition for Winship. We have exceptional leaders and teams across all of our clinical, research, and educational missions, and I expect that the reflective and analytic processes precipitated by a leadership transition will truly strengthen Winship for its future. I hope I have a real opportunity over the next several months to thank each of you for all that you have done and will do to enable Winship to truly fulfill its ambitious mission!

Always a Winshipian!!!


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