Aug. 4, 2020

Winship Lung Cancer SPORE awards pilot grants

Photo of Winship Lung Cancer SPORE awards pilot grants

2020 Winship Lung Cancer SPORE pilot grant recipients (left to right): Mala Shanmugam, PhD, MS, Shi-Yong Sun, PhD, Janna Mouw, PhD, and Andrey Ivanov, PhD.

Four investigators at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University have been named this year's recipients of pilot grants funded by the Winship Lung Cancer Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE). Each pilot grant provides $50,000 to support projects focused on career enhancement or developmental research.

The Lung Cancer SPORE grant, awarded by the National Cancer Institute, is the only grant of its kind to be awarded in the state of Georgia and one of only four SPORE grants in the U.S. dedicated to lung cancer. The Lung Cancer SPORE's Career Enhancement Program promotes the advancement of early career academic physician-scientists and laboratory-based scientists who wish to dedicate their efforts to translational research in lung cancer, and it aims to enhance diversity among the lung cancer research community.  

The Lung Cancer SPORE's Developmental Research Program pursues new and innovative research opportunities in the lung cancer field, and promotes the most successful pilot projects into full projects funded by the SPORE and/or other sources.

This cycle's Career Enhancement Program pilot grant recipients are:

  • Discovery of new therapeutic options for lung cancer patients with lost tumor suppressor genes
    Andrey Ivanov, PhD
  • Deconstructing lung cancer heterogeneity in collective invasion and metastasis
    Janna Mouw, PhD

This cycle's Developmental Research Program pilot grant recipients are:

  • Role of Hippo signaling in maintaining metabolic heterogeneity for NSCLC metastasis
    Mala Shanmugam, PhD, MS
  • Modulation of SREBP1/lipid metabolism in EGFR-targeted lung cancer therapy
    Shi-Yong Sun, PhD

The next call for Winship Lung Cancer SPORE pilot grants will be in January 2021.

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