Michelle Le Beau, PhD

As a member of Winship's External Advisory Board, Dr. Le Beau helped guide Winship leadership during the application process for NCI designation.

"Every cancer center is unique," says Michelle Le Beau, PhD, who assumed the director's role at the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center 13 years ago. Since 2012, she has served on Winship Cancer Institute's External Advisory Board.

She says, "One of the many things that Winship has done beautifully relates to the fact that it is one of the few centers that is embedded with in a socio-economically diverse urban area and has a large medically underserved population. Winship has been a leader in identifying the needs of its patient population, understanding the disparities seen in underserved populations, and developing specific programs and interventions to improve care in these settings. Delivering high quality care in urban, multi-ethnic populations is exceedingly difficult, and Winship has done an exceptional job of this."

Le Beau continues, "It is always a pleasure to join the boards of preeminent cancer centers. We have a mission of extending our laboratory science to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. Winship Cancer Institute is one of the leading centers in achieving this mission. I've learned a great deal from serving on this board. We inevitably get back more than we give."

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