Tyler S. Beyett, PhD


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Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
Emory University School of Medicine
Research Program
Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics


Tyler S. Beyett, PhD, is assistant professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology at Emory University School of Medicine.

Dr. Beyett is a member of the Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics Research Program at Winship Cancer Institute.


Dr. Beyett earned his PhD in Chemical Biology from the Life Sciences Institute at the University of Michigan in the lab of Dr. John Tesmer, where he studied the structure and regulation of GPCR kinases. He was a Ruth L. Kirschstein postdoctoral fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School with Dr. Michael Eck.


Dr. Beyett's research is primarily focused on the clinical development of allosteric EGFR inhibitors for drug-resistant lung cancers. His lab is generally interested in kinases and phosphatases, which play opposing roles in maintaining balance in most signaling cascades and are often mutated or dysregulated in cancer. Our research is focused on 1) new kinase therapeutic strategies and 2) how phosphatases are regulated by protein-protein interactions.


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