Gray Crouse, PhD


Titles and Roles

Professor, Department of Biology
Emory University
Research Program
Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics


Gray Crouse, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Biology at Emory University with affiliation to the Genetics and Molecular Biology Graduate Program.

Dr. Crouse is a member of the Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics research program at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University.


Dr. Crouse received his PhD from Harvard University in 1976.


Research in Dr. Crouse's lab centers on DNA mutagenesis and repair in eukaryotic cells. He has particular interest in oxidative damage to DNA, as it is among the most common types of damage and is implicated in major areas of concern, such as aging and cancer. His lab focuses on the DNA mismatch repair system (MMR), which has been of great interest since the discovery of its central role in preventing colon cancer in humans, and they have shown its central role in preventing mutation due to oxidative damage. 


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