Kenneth Hill, Jr., MD


Dr. Hill specializes in neurological surgery and has been ranked 12th in the neurosurgery field by U.S. News World & Report.

Titles and Roles

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery
Emory University School of Medicine
Brain and Spine Tumors


Kenneth Hill, Jr., MD, began practicing with Emory Healthcare in 2009 and has clinical interests in brain tumors, skull base tumors, and stereotactic surgery.  He is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Pennsylvania Medical Society, and Pennsylvania Neurosurgical Society, among other professional organizations.


Dr. Hill graduated from Medical School at Penn State University, where he also completed his residency in neurological surgery.


Dr. Hill has received numerous awards and scholarships including the Stockmeister Memorial Charitable Fund Scholarship, Lincoln's Advanced Science and Engineering Reinforcement (LASER) Program Scholarship, First in Physics of LASER Program Award, First Overall Student in the LASER Program, Lincoln University Presidential Scholarship, Math Lab Service Award, the American Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry Award, the Floyd C. and Estelle C. Mourning Scholarship, the Norman Edward Gaskins Memorial Prize in Organic Chemistry. The James Bernie Memorial Prize for Inorganic Chemistry, The Albert J. Neely III '42 Scholarship Fund, National Dean's List, and The Horace Mann Bond Leslie Pickney Hill Scholarship. Dr. Hill has also been awarded the Grace Woodward Grant for Collaborative Research in Engineering and Medicine and The Joseph Leroy Williams Memorial Prize, which is awarded to the senior class student who has a medical school acceptance and the highest grade-point average in chemistry and biology courses.


Dr. Hill has been published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, among other academic journals.

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