Nathan T. Jui, PhD


Titles and Roles

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Emory University
Research Program
Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics


Nathan T. Jui, PhD, arrived at Emory University in August 2014. He is an associate member of the Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics research program at Winship Cancer Institute.


Dr. Jui received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Princeton University. He completed a NIH postdoctoral fellowship in chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


Dr. Jui's research interests lie in leveraging organic synthesis as a powerful tool in the context of identifying small molecular matter that has the ability to directly impact our ability to understand and treat cancer, in a broad sense. He intends to work closely with a number of Winship members to identify key areas where small molecules have the potential to serve as valuable biological probes and ultimately drugs and to then invent and construct organic and/or inorganic compounds with that aim.


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