Baek Kim, PhD, MS


Titles and Roles

Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Emory University School of Medicine
Director of Center for Drug Discovery
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University
Research Program
Cell and Molecular Biology


Baek Kim, PhD, MS, is Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Kim serves as Director of the Children's Center for Drug Discovery.

Dr. Kim is a member of the Cell and Molecular Biology Research Program at Winship Cancer Institute. He is also a member of the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Graduate Program and Molecular and Systems Pharmacology Graduate Program in the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Laney Graduate School of Emory University.


Dr. Kim earned his PhD in biochemistry from University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. He obtained a Master of Science in biochemistry from Yon-Sei University in Seoul, South Korea. He completed his post-doctoral training at University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.


Dr. Kim's current research focuses are: 1) HIV-1 replication, mutagenesis, and evolution, 2) establishment of longliving HIV-1 myeloid reservoirs, 3) role of SAMHD1 in HIV biology. He is trained in the research field of DNA-protein interactions, particularly with transcriptional repressors and DNA polymerases involved in DNA repair and DNA replication.

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