Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR


Titles and Roles

William P. Timmie Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology
Emory University School of Medicine
Executive Associate Dean of Faculty Academic Advancement, Leadership and Inclusion
Emory University School of Medicine
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Emory University School of Medicine
Research Program
Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics


Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR, joined the Emory School of Medicine in 2005, where she serves as the William P. Timmie Professor and Chair of Radiology and Imaging Sciences and Associate Dean for Research. She established the Emory Center for Systems Imaging to broadly support the advance of imaging capabilities in basic and translational research. Reflective of Dr. Meltzer's service to the field, she is Chair of the Neuroradiology Commission on the American College of Radiology's Board of Chancellors, President-elect for the Academy of Radiology Research, and Past President of the American Society of Neuroradiology.

Dr. Meltzer serves as Executive Associate Dean of Faculty Academic Advancement, Leadership & Inclusion and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Emory University School of Medicine. Both at Emory and at the national level, she has focused on promoting an inclusive climate and culture, addressing implicit and explicit bias and harassment in medicine, and developing best practices for recruitment, retention, and professional advancement of faculty, staff, and trainees.

Dr. Meltzer is a member of the Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics Research Program at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. She is a member of the board of the Association of University Radiologists and represents the AUR on the Association of American Medical College's Council of Academic Societies. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for the GE AUR Radiology Research Academic Fellowship Program.


Dr. Meltzer received her medical degree from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and completed her postdoctoral medical training at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.


Dr. Meltzer, a neuroradiologist and nuclear medicine physician, has enjoyed more than 15 years of NIH funding for her work in applying novel advanced imaging strategies to better understand brain structure-function relationships in normal aging, late-life depression, and Alzheimer's disease.


Dr. Meltzer has authored approximately 200 publications and lectured nationally and internationally.

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Recent awards and honors for Dr. Meltzer include:

  • Outstanding Researcher Award, Radiological Society of North America, 2018
  • Outstanding Contributions in Research Award, American Society of Neuroradiology, 2016

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