Anupam Patgiri, PhD


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Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
Emory University School of Medicine
Research Program
Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics


Anupam Patgiri, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology at Emory University School of Medicine.

Dr. Patgiri is a member of the Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics research program at Winship Cancer Institute.


Dr. Patgiri earned his PhD in chemical biology from New York University and received a master's degree in chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati in India. He completed his postdoctoral training at Rockefeller University and Harvard Medical School.


The Patgiri lab research examines the role of extracellular metabolites on cancer cell proliferation and immune cell activation in the tumor microenvironment. The team is developing engineered extracellular enzymes and small-molecule approaches to modulate metabolite concentrations in the tumor microenvironment. The lab takes a multidisciplinary approach that uses protein engineering, mass spectrometry-based metabolomics, and chemical biology. They expect that their research will lay the foundation for novel cancer immunotherapies and small-molecule therapies.


Dr. Patgiri has published a number of peer-reviewed original papers in various scientific journals.

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