Steven Sloan, MD, PhD


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Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics
Emory University School of Medicine
Research Program
Cell and Molecular Biology


Steven Sloan, MD, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Genetics at the Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Sloan is a member of the Cell and Molecular Biology Research Program at Winship Cancer Institute.


Dr. Sloan received his MD and his PhD from Stanford University in Stanford, California


Dr. Sloan's laboratory team is interested in understanding human astrocyte development and what mechanisms underlie astrocyte maturation. They have a great interest in glioblastoma because it represents a pathological model of abnormal astrocyte development. They are attempting to find synthetic drivers of astrocyte maturation during development and believe that we could apply these approaches to glioblastomas as potential therapeutic interventions.


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Dr. Sloan is a recipient of the Emory 1% Award which recognizes Emory faculty whose National Institutes of Health (NIH) proposals have been ranked in the top 1% by NIH reviewers.

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