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Dr. Van Meir and his team's research interest over the past two decades has been in translational cancer research, with a major focus on neuro-oncology and more recently Ewing sarcoma and uveal melanoma.

Titles and Roles

Professor, Departments of Neurosurgery and Hematology & Medical Oncology
Emory University School of Medicine
Leader, Cancer Cell Biology Research Program, and Director, Laboratory for Molecular Neuro-Oncology
Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University
Program Director, Emory Graduate Program in Cancer Biology
Laney Graduate School, Emory University
Research Program
Cancer Cell Biology


Erwin Van Meir, PhD directs the Laboratory of Molecular Neuro-Oncology and participates in a multidisciplinary neuro-oncology team that designs new approaches for brain tumor therapy. Dr. Van Meir is the Founding Director of the Laney Graduate School's Cancer Biology Graduate Program and the Leader of the Cancer Cell Biology research program at Winship Cancer Institute. He has extensive experience in cancer research and has made many original contributions with his colleagues in this area.

Dr. Van Meir has trained multiple undergraduate and graduate students, medical fellows and postdocs and is a member of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biochemical Sciences at Emory, where he participates in the programs in Cancer Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology and Neurosciences. He is active in several scientific societies and foundations, including the Society for Neuro-Oncology and the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation.


Dr. Van Meir was trained in molecular biology at the Universities of Fribourg and Lausanne, Switzerland where he obtained his PhD in 1989. He pursued postdoctoral work at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in San Diego, and joined the faculty of Emory University in 1998.


Dr. Van Meir's research interest over the last 26 years has been in translational cancer research, with a major focus on neuro-oncology (gliomas and medulloblastomas) and more recently metastatic uveal melanoma. His research team strives to understand the molecular basis for human tumor development and how we can use this knowledge to devise new diagnostics and therapeutics that will improve patient survival. They have further interest in identifying new biomarkers for neuro-oncology, using proteomic and metabolomic analyses of the cerebrospinal fluid. They aim to translate these novel biomarkers and therapeutic agents to testing in clinical trials with the hope to improve cancer patient treatment. The principal modeling systems they use are glioblastoma, medulloblastoma, and uveal melanoma, all highly malignant cancers, although the experimental therapeutics they develop are applicable to the cure of many solid malignancies.


Dr. Van Meir's research, supported by the NIH and many private foundations, is described in more than 160 peer-reviewed international scientific publications that are highly cited (19,000 citations; H-index of 71). He is also the author of several US and foreign patents. His contributions have been presented in over 180 invited oral communications worldwide and have furthered the understanding of brain tumor biology and genetics, as well as led to the development novel preclinical therapeutic approaches for cancer. He serves as a reviewer for over 30 international cancer research journals, is a current member of the editorial board of Frontiers in Bioscience and the International Journal of Oncology, and is a former editor of several other cancer journals.

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In 2016, Dr. Van Meir received the Phil Jory Research Award from the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation.

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