Thomas Szabo Yamashita, MD

Titles and Roles

Assistant Professor, Division of General and GI Surgery, Department of Surgery
Emory University School of Medicine
Thyroid Cancer
Adrenal Cancer


Thomas Szabo Yamashita, MD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at Emory University School of Medicine. A board certified surgeon, Dr. Yamashita specializes in general and endocrine surgery with expertise in the management of benign and malignant endocrine tumors in the thyroid and adrenal glands, paragangliomas and parathyroid disease.


Dr. Yamashita received his Medical Degree from the Federal University of Parana in Curitiba, Brazil. He completed his general surgery training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and his endocrine surgery training at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.


Dr. Yamashita's research interests lie in the treatment of rare endocrine malignancies, genetic neoplastic processes, management of functionally active and inactive endocrine tumors and treatment of benign endocrine disorders.


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