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Advanced Cancer Treatments, Clinics and Programs in Atlanta, Georgia

Cancer is a complex disease, and everyone at Winship Cancer Institute is dedicated to helping people beat it.  At Winship we take a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment.  That means not one expert, but experts from different specialities, all focused on a specific type of cancer, work together to provide the most advanced cancer care available.

These expert cancer teams meet regularly to discuss patient cases. In fact, last year this happened more than 350 times within Winship.  That is almost one per day for every day on the calendar!  This collaborative approach provided by a team focused on a particular cancer type equals more experience and more insight.  We also provide second opinions and will develop treatment plans with community oncologists so patients can remain close to home for their care.

Contact us at 404-778-1900 or by email. For more information on cancer treatment for a specific cancer type, please select from the list below.