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Conference Presentation Slides

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DEBATE ONE: FCR is the Front-Line Treatment for All Patients with Newly Diagnosed CLL
DEBATE TWO: All Patients with Newly Diagnosed Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Should Receive Imatinib as Initial Therapy
DEBATE THREE: Progress for Stage III: Better Radiation or Better Chemotherapy?
CON: Suresh Ramalingam, MD
DEBATE FOUR: Induction Therapy or Not for Treatment of Head and Neck Cancers?

FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011

DEBATE FIVE: Upfront Treatment of MDS: To Transplant or Not To Transplant?
DEBATE SIX: Radiation Therapy for Early Stage Hodgkin Lymphoma with Bulky Disease
DEBATE SEVEN: Patients with Node-Positive Breast Cancer Should Receive Anthracycline-Based Chemotherapy
DEBATE EIGHT: Patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer Should Receive Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in the Neo-Adjuvant Setting


DEBATE NINE: All Patients with Myeloma Should Have Risk Adapted Therapy?
DEBATE TEN: Myeloproliferative Neoplasma: Medical Managment vs. Allogeneic Transplantation
DEBATE ELEVEN: Preoperative vs. Adjuvant Therapy Resectable for Gastroesophageal Junction (GE) Carcinomas and Gastic Cancer
DEBATE TWELVE: Neoadjuvant vs. Adjuvant Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2011

DEBATE THIRTEEN: All Sarcomas Should get Systematic Chemotherapy
DEBATE FOURTEEN: Is Immunotherapy the Answer for Melanoma?
DEBATE FIFTEEN: R-CHOP is the Standard Induction for Waldendstrom Macrobulinemia
DEBATE SIXTEEN: Topic: Watch and Wait is "Dead" in Follicular Lymphoma
DEBATE SEVENTEEN: Chemotherapy for Some or For All Patients Diagnosed with a High Grade Glioma?
CON: Nicholas Butowski, MD