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The Emory Proton Therapy Center now under construction in midtown Atlanta will offer the most advanced radiation therapy possible and usher in a new era in cancer treatment. It is the first proton therapy center in Georgia and will give cancer patients throughout the state access to a treatment that greatly improves outcomes in certain cancers. 

Proton beam therapy targets tumors more precisely than conventional radiation and minimizes damage to healthy tissues, which can translate into fewer side effects.  These are critical issues for treating children with cancer, and adults with brain tumors, head and neck cancers and prostate cancer.  

The Emory facility, when completed in 2016, will join the ranks of fewer than a dozen centers around the country providing this FDA-approved therapy.   It will occupy a full block near Emory University Hospital Midtown, and will be fully staffed by Emory Healthcare and Winship Cancer Institute. 

Press Release

Emory Proton Therapy Center Project Fact Sheet

Radiation Therapy Facts

Live Webcam

Dr. Walter J. Curran, Jr., executive director of Winship Cancer Institute, explains how the Emory Proton Therapy Center benefits Georgia.

Dr. Ian Crocker, Winship radiation oncologist and vice chairman of Emory’s Department of Radiation Oncology, describes proton therapy and who benefits from it.

This video, courtesy of Varian Medical Systems, shows how proton beam technology works.