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Reducing Cancer Risk

Unfortunately, there is no 'magic bullet' that prevents cancer.  It is possible to minimize your risk of developing cancer based on lifestyle choices.  For example, the risk of developing cancer can be reduced by limiting exposure to the sun and avoiding dangerous chemicals such as those found in tobacco products.

Effective cancer screening that may detect cancer in an earlier stage when it may be more readily treated is also  important. Screening methods are different for different types of cancer. Talk to your physician about what is available, how often, and at what age you should begin getting screened.

What are we doing to ensure radiation protection of our patients? This link will provide a printable document where you will find more information about what we are doing to make sure that you will receive the tests you need safely.

Dr. Walter Curran Jr, Winship Cancer Insitute's executive director describes six ways to reduce cancer risk in this blog.

Learn more about the ways you can reduce your risk of developing cancer in the following sections:




Screening (Early Detection)