Living with Cancer

Cancer and its treatment can have lasting effects on your physical, emotional and spiritual health. While our physicians offer outstanding cancer treatment, we realize that you and your caregivers can benefit from additional services.

At Winship, we offer a variety of enhanced services, programs and resources intended to improve quality of life and promote well-being for our patients as part of our multidisciplinary care approach. These are designed to help you from your first treatment to beyond your last.

Supportive Oncology and Palliative Care

Through all phases of cancer treatment and beyond, recovery or survivorship, our support care teams will design an integrated program with the primary goal of improving your quality of life.

Pain Management Care

At Winship, cancer pain specialists from the Emory Pain Center provide interventional cancer pain management tailored to addressing your specific pain symptoms.

Rehabilitation Services

Oncology rehab therapists are specially trained to address a variety of cancer-related impairments to help you before, during and after undergoing treatment for cancer.

Oncology Acutherapy

Acutherapy, including acupuncture and acupressure, is a drug-free option to help control and improve side effects of chemotherapy, radiation or following surgery.

Integrative Oncology

Integrative oncology puts patients front and center. It draws from scientific evidence and uses mind-body practices, natural products and lifestyle changes alongside your regular cancer treatments.

Psychiatric Oncology

Going through the changes cancer diagnosis and treatment brings can affect your mind as well as your body, and our licensed social workers and medical experts in psychiatry are here to help you along the way.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

At Winship, we help you manage side effects from cancer treatment that may impact your ability to have children in the future, your sexual activity and your pelvic health.

Survivorship Program

Our survivorship program provides education, social support and care to all Winship patients and their caregivers and families transitioning into post-treatment life.

Young Adult Survivorship

Childhood cancer survivors require specialized follow-up care. At Winship, we provide a program specifically tailored to assist you.

Social Services

Our oncology social workers can assist you by providing practical assistance, support, and individual, family and group counseling.

Nutrition Services

Our registered dietitians are available to answer questions and address concerns about managing your diet, weight, treatment side effects, and use of nutritional supplements during and after your treatment.

Spiritual Health

A spiritual health educator offers spiritual care, support and presence to you as a patient or survivor, your family and caregivers.

Exercise and Wellness Program

Exercise may play an important role in controlling your cancer symptoms and even reducing the severity of side effects from treatment. To get you started, Winship offers the Winship at the Y program.

Support Groups

Support groups provide a unique opportunity for you to connect with others and learn more about treatment options for your specific cancer type, find ways to improve your quality of life, and make friends.

Peer Partners

Winship's Peer Partners Program matches cancer survivors and caregivers with cancer patients and caregivers dealing with a similar diagnosis of cancer.

Wellness Center

The Winship Wellness Center provides patients and their caregivers a centralized location to find helpful information and services.

Radiance Boutique

The Radiance Boutique at Winship offers a wide range of services and products to help patients with cancer look and feel their best during and after treatment.

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