Anna Berrier
Melanoma Survivor

"My family was aware of cancer risks because my father died of a brain tumor, so when this odd looking mole showed up behind my knee, I didn't hesitate to get it looked at."

The first goal of cancer treatment is to fight the cancer. But patients quickly find their true motivation in this fight is to live and thrive, whether that means returning to the passions they pursued before diagnosis, or taking up new endeavors and setting off on new adventures.

Anna Berrier knew that life as a pale-skinned redhead put her at risk for skin cancer, so when a suspicious mole popped up behind her right knee, she went straight to melanoma surgeon Dr. Keith Delman. The energetic 20-something, who now has a clean bill of health, is not afraid to strap on her heels and show off her 6-inch scar.

Photo of Anna Berrier
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