Bob Falkenberg
Leukemia Survivor

I feel so lucky to be alive, and I know I have Dr. Langston, the others who helped treat me at Winship, and my bone marrow stem cell donor to thank.

The first goal of cancer treatment is to fight the cancer. But patients quickly find their true motivation in this fight is to live and thrive, whether that means returning to the passions they pursued before diagnosis, or taking up new endeavors and setting off on new adventures.

Two years after his bone marrow transplant, leukemia survivor Bob Falkenberg set off on a 1,700 mile bicycle trip to celebrate his good health and raise money for cancer research. Dr. Amy Langston and several nurses from his transplant team were at his side for 100 miles of the trip. It’s been five years since the transplant, and Falkenberg is still in the saddle.

"Faces of Hope" is a photo essay compiled for the Fall 2014 issue of Winship Magazine. Click here to view digital edition.

Learn more about leukemia treatment at Winship, visit the leukemia page.

Photo of Bob Falkenberg
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