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Cancer Tissue and Pathology

Director: Daniel J. Brat MD, PhD
Co-Director: Gabriel Sica, MD, PhD


The Cancer Tissue and Pathology Shared Resource (CTPSR) of the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University is critical to the overall clinical and scientific mission by enhancing tissue-based investigation through its procurement and distribution of high quality human cancer specimens and its comprehensive histopathologic services. This shared resource is highly integrated within Winship Cancer Institute serving individual and team science projects in all of the major and developing programs.

The tissue procurement component of this shared resource consists of an IRB-approved Human Tissue Procurement Service (HTPS), located within the Emory University Hospital and the Winship Cancer Institute, with affiliated banking sites at Grady Memorial and Emory Midtown Hospitals. Quality assurance of specimens provided is by members of the Department of Pathology.

Tumor and normal control tissues, along with other biospecimens associated with specialized protocols, are procured as frozen, fresh, fixed, embedded or other specialized preparation. Tissues are distributed to Winship investigators with IRB-approved protocols to further the clinical, translational, basic and epidemiologic research. The lab is capable of processing high volumes of tissue samples derived from human disease and animal models and works in close collaboration with members of each of the main and developing scientific programs of the Winship.

Visit the Human Tissue Procurement Service

The Research Pathology Lab is a full service pathology lab that is conveniently located on the 5thfloor of Winship Building C. The lab is highly utilized by all Winship research programs and is the source of histologic services for HTPS quality assurance. The laboratory can provide for nearly all tissue-based needs of investigators with an automated tissue processor, an embedding station, three microtomes and water baths, an automated slide labeler, an automated stainer and coverslipper, and an automated immunohistochemical stainer. The lab also contains a cryostat, a manual tissue microarrayer, a semi-automated mircoarrayer, a laser capture microdissection system and an Olympus Nanozoomer whole-slide scanner for digital pathology. A fume hood is available for manual histologic staining of cryostat sections or benchtop IHC staining. For image capturing, a two-headed microscope with digital camera and imaging software is available.  

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Please acknowledge the Core Facility in all publications as follows: 
Research reported in this publication was supported in part by the Cancer Tissue and Pathology Shared Resource of Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University and NIH/NCI under award number P30CA138292. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.


CTPS Shared Resource Facility 
Charles Butler 
Office: (404) 712-2581
Laboratory: (404)712-7322
Fax: (404) 712-2558
SIMON PAGING PIC#: 15407 and 13174

Procurement Lab Coordinator (Grady)
Brian Burns
Phone: (404) 778-1343

Winship-Pathology Shared Resource Lab
Dianne Alexis
Phone: (404) 778-5108