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Cancer Animal Models


The Cancer Animal Models facility is located on the 3rd floor (suite 3200) of Emory Clinic, Building B. Its function is to assist investigators in the development, characterization and analysis of appropriate animal models for cancer research. Currently, the major emphasis and expertise of the facility lies in genetically engineered mouse models (GEMM), however the development and usage of other systems is planned and ongoing.

Capabilities and Services: 

  • Purification and genetic screening analysis (PCR, Southern Blot) of  mouse biopsy samples
  • Colony maintenance, including weaning, tailing and report generation.
  • Full monitoring and analysis for spontaneous or chemically induced tumor development including weekly body weight measurements, tumor burden scoring for animals with active disease and general health status monitoring.
  • Dietary and drug modifications and analysis of impact on tumor development
  • Carcinogenesis studies (AOM, TPA etc.) and tumor induction
  • Complete necropsy and tissue collection for histology (OCT, formalin fixed), as well as biochemical analysis (RNA, DNA, whole tissue)
  • High quality image capture (brightfield) of tumors and tissues from animal models
  • Timed matings for embryo capture and analysis of developmental defects, and genetic lethality.
  • Generation of cell lines from mouse models and tumor tissues. Production of primary Murine Embryonic Fibroblast (MEF) cell lines is standard in the laboratory. Other cell types/lines can be generated upon request.
  • Advice and assistance with IACUC applications, and grant consultation for animal model experimentation design and analysis.

Cancer Animal Model Systems Rate Sheet 2013*

*Winship members please inquire regarding subsidized rate.


Base Rate   Non-Academic Rate
Tissue Biopsy Collection 2 3
DNA Purification 4 6
PCR Screening 7 11
Southern Blot Screening 34 52
Colony Maintenance 49 77
Set Up Breeding Pairs 7 11
Weaning Animals 10 15
Drug Admin / Application 3 4
Weigh Animals (health status) 2 3
Tissue Necropsy 55 84
IVIS Imaging 25 39
Contract Services 64 100













Contact Information
Laboratory Staff:
Walter “Guy” Wiles IV
Phone: (404) 712-8371
FAX: (404) 712-8373

Please acknowledge the Core Facility in all publications as follows:
Research reported in this publication was supported in part by the Cancer Animal Models Systems Shared Resource of Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University and NIH/NCI under award number P30CA138292. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.