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Transdisciplinary Geographic Management Program (GMaP) & Minority Biospecimen/Biobanking  Geographic Management Program (BMaP)

GMaP (Transdisciplinary Geographic Management Program) and BMaP (Minority Biospecimen/Biobanking – Geographic Management Program) represent a collaborative group of nine institutions throughout the Southeast (Region 3), funded by the National Cancer Institute, in order to create a state-of-the-art network of dedicated centers for support and management of cancer health disparities research, care, training and infrastructure through a geographic management approach. BMaP works in parallel to GMaP to plan for the creation of the networks/centers by ensuring the adequate and continuous supply of high-quality human biospecimens from multi-ethnic communities for cancer research.

Both GMaP and BMaP have conducted a comprehensive assessment of the resources, activities, research, and education on-going at each institution that is related to health disparities. In Fall 2011, both groups received NCI supplemental funding to pursue two projects:

  1. GMaP is focused on enhancing recruitment to oncology clinical trials by minority patients with cancer;
  2. BMaP is pursuing its examination of the minority population’s views toward participation in biospecimen collection.

GMaP/BMaP Region 3 Network

While there are six GMaP/BMaP regions within the United States, Region 3 consists of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Puerto Rico. GMaP/BMaP Region 3 has the active involvement of nine institutions. In addition to the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, the following sites are participants in our region: UAB Comprehensive Cancer CenterUniversity of Mississippi Health CareMoffitt Cancer CenterMorehouse School of MedicinePonce School of Medicine & Health SciencesTulane UniversityTuskegee University and Xavier University.

GMaP/BMaP Emory Team

Joseph Lipscomb
Associate Director for Prevention,
Disparities and Health Policy

(404) 727-4513
Theresa Gillespie
(404) 778-4617

Carlos Moreno
Associate Professor
(404) 712-2809

Gabe Sica
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Rebecca Pentz
Associate Professor
Hematology and Oncology
(404) 778-5694
Winifred Thompson
Assistant Research Professor
(404) 778-1349
Toni Chociemski
Sr. Associate Director
(404) 727-8154
Charles Butler
Facility Director/Manager
Human Tissue Procurement Service
(404) 714-2581
Alfredo Tirado-Ramos
Senior Research Scientist
(404) 712-0188


Theresa Huffman
Outreach Liaison