Funding Opportunities

Winship researchers receive funding through a variety of awards and grants. View a selection of federal and private funding opportunities for which Winship researchers may be eligible to apply.

HHMI, Gates, Simons Faculty Scholars Program

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Simons Foundation have joined forces with Howard Hughes Medical Institute to support the Faculty Scholars program. Through this first-time collaboration, the program partners will augment and secure the pipeline of scientific talent.

The Faculty Scholars program seeks to:

  • Provide financial support to faculty at an early career stage
  • Select awardees based on their vision and potential for unique contributions
  • Offer mentoring and career development


It is anticipated that up to 70 five-year awards will be made available, with new competitions every two and a half years. The awards will range from $100,000 to $400,000 per year based on several factors, including awardee's current external grant support. Expenses covered by the grant include:

  • Partial salary for faculty (up to 3 months and no more than $70,000)
  • Salary for lab personnel
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Travel
  • Publications

Application Deadline: July 28, 2015, 3 PM

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Department of Defense Horizon Award

The FY15 Defense Appropriations Act provides $50 million to the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) to support innovative, high-impact cancer research.  

Horizon Award

  • PI:  Both predoctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows are eligible.
  • Mentor:  The Mentor must be an experienced cancer researcher as demonstrated by a strong record of funding and publications. In addition, the Mentor must demonstrate a commitment to advancing the PI’s career in cancer research.
  • The PI and the Mentor must be at the same organization
  • Letter of Intent is required.
  • Supports junior level scientists to conduct impactful research with the mentorship of an experienced cancer researcher (i.e., Mentor)
  • Challenges junior scientists to develop and implement research in the cancer field
  • Emphasis on discovery
  • Must address at least one of the FY15 PRCRP Topic Areas (refer to award details)
  • Encouraged to address at least one of the FY15 PRCRP Military Relevance Focus Areas (refer to award details)
  • Preliminary data are not required
  • Clinical trials are not allowed
  • Maximum funding for the entire period of performance is $75,000 for direct costs (plus indirect costs)
  • Maximum period of performance is 1 year

Letter of Intent Deadline: August 11, 2015

Contact: CDMRP Help Desk

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NIH Grants & Funding

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