Erwin Van Meir, PhD
Cancer Researcher

"We were amazed to see that a simple non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure could determine the genetics of the patient's tumor without the need for surgical sampling."

Teamwork at Winship Cancer Institute is making a huge difference in enabling new scientific discoveries and translating these laboratory advances from bench to bedside. For example, researchers Erwin Van Meir, PhD and Hui Mao, PhD established a new magnetic resonance spectroscopy procedure to detect a genetic change in a specific molecule that was found in the biochemical analysis of brain tumor specimens.

The researchers are currently collaborating with Jeffrey Olson, MD to implement this biomarker discovery and analytical procedure directly in patients in their MRI examination. This advancement allows the clinical neuro-oncology team to genetically profile the tumor and select personalized treatment.

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Photo of Erwin Van Meir, PhD
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