Lectures & Presentations

April 2018

Havva with award-winning poster

Havva and I presented at this year's Emory Brain Health Center Research Day held on Saturday, April 14.

I gave a short talk about the labs research and Havva presented her poster, "Understanding the mechanism of benzodiazepine mediated cell death in GABRA5 overexpressing Group 3 medulloblastomas." She won a travel award for her poster/presentation in the category "Postdocs/Residents/Fellows." Great job Havva!

March 2018

I was happy to participate in the Emory “Frontiers in Neuroscience” seminar series on March 2nd. There are many excellent labs at Emory with interests in neuroscience. Great to get feedback from the community on our research efforts.

Havva at neuro-oncology talk

Also, Havva gave a seminar at Emory on March 21st as part of the "Neuro-Oncology Chalk Talks" series. There's a great group of principal investigators and their labs participating in this series, including Anna Kenney, Dolores Hambardzumyan, Renee Read, and Tobey MacDonald.

February 2018

I visited Indiana University Medical School and gave a joint seminar with my strong collaborator Dr. Pomeranz Krummel. There are many excellent cancer biologists at IU and impressively, a large number of them are translating there discoveries into start-ups. Something in the air here? Indianapolis is such an easy city to navigate. The city boasts the world's largest Children's Museum. Indy, you have your priorities right, give kids the best experience imaginable! My two girls had a whale of a time based on photographic evidence. Unfortunately I only got to see the museum from outside where dinosaurs were physically entering/exiting the building.

Also, our post-doctoral fellow Havva gave a seminar at the Emory "Nucleic Acids Seminar Series". Great series with labs from varied departments at Emory participating, including Biology, Biochemistry, and clinical departments.

January 2018

I gave a seminar at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. If you visit Jacksonville and the Mayo Clinc there, consider staying at Ponte Vedra Inn on the beach. It was beautiful, peaceful.

I had a great meeting with many here, in particular Steve Rosenfeld who recently moved from the Cleveland Clinic and Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa or "Q" who recently moved from Johns Hopkins. They were great recruits by the Mayo Clinic and one can expect some exciting things to happen there with these two enthusiastic clinician-scientists. I first met Q when I did a short research stint at Johns Hopkins in the lab of my friend Rajini Rao. He has not changed, still dynamic/dynamite!

November 2017

Clark presenting poster at Society of Neuro-Oncology annual meeting

Our lab team had a great time at the Society of Neuro-Oncology (SNO) annual meeting in San Francisco where every year we get to meet with friends! We had four posters presented at the meeting this year. Here is a photo of Amanda Clark beside her poster on a collaborative project with Natalie Agar (Harvard Medical School) titled "Distinguishing pineoblastoma from medulloblastoma using tissue mass spectrometry imaging". She did a great job! We are looking forward to next year's annual meeting in New Orleans.

Also in November, I visited the Rosa Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center at the Cleveland Clinic on November 6. The center is a state of the art division of neuro-oncology, with over 60 clinical trials open and cutting edge translational research. I was invited to give a seminar on "Agonizing channels: GABA-A receptors in cancer and as therapeutic targets."

October 2017

Sengupta presenting at Massachussets General Hospital

I had a great day in Boston attending and presenting work from our lab at the 2017 K12 Neuro-oncology Symposium held at Massachusetts General Hospital. It was wonderful to return to one of my "medical homes", meet up with former colleagues, and receive great feedback on the labs research from Tracy Batchelor, Robert Martuza, Scott Plotkin, Rakesh Jain, William Curry, Santosh Kesari, and others. I very much look forward to seeing Rakesh Jain in Atlanta soon, who I will be hosting for a seminar at Winship Cancer Institute.

September 2017

I attended a unique symposium sponsored by Ian's Friends Foundation which included 39 colleagues (including Daniel Pomeranz Krummel and Tobey MacDonald) with a research interest in pediatric brain cancers. I presented on our lab's work on developing a novel therapeutic strategy for pediatric brain tumors.

May 2017

Sengupta presenting at University of Cambridge

I presented grand rounds at University of Cambridge and University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The lecture at both locations was entitled, "Bench to bedside and back again, life of a neuro-oncology physician-scientist in the U.S."

Dr. Sengupta presenting at University of Birmingham (UK)

March 2017

Kallay EBHC 2017 Presentation

Our lab manager Laura Kallay, PhD, presented poster titled "Distinguishing Pineoblastoma From Medulloblastomas Using Tissue Mass Spectrometry Imaging" at the Emory Brain Health Center's Research Day on March 11, 2017.

Ross EBHC 2017 presentation

Our lab technician Alexandra Ross presented poster titled "Benzodiazepines Target Group 3 Medulloblastomas" at the Emory Brain Health Center's Research Day on March 11, 2017.

October 2016

ANA 2016 presentation

I spoke on the GABA receptor in medulloblastoma at the American Neurological Association annual meeting in Baltimore on October 15-17, 2016.