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Bladder Cancer Treatment and Surgery at Winship

Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University in Atlanta, GA offers bladder cancer treatment and therapy for bladder cancer patients (including genitourinary cancers) in Georgia and the Southeast.

Types of Bladder Cancer Treatments, Surgeries and Procedures
There are often many bladder cancer treatment options at Winship, including:

May be used to treat patients whose bladder cancer has deeply invaded the bladder or spread to the lymph nodes or other organs. Chemotherapy may be combined with other treatment options.

Radiation options for bladder cancer treatment may include external radiation or internal radiation techniques that use uses high-energy rays to kill cancer from either outside or inside the body.

Radical cystectomy
May be used to treat invasive bladder cancer by removing the entire bladder, the surrounding lymph nodes, part of the urethra, and nearby organs that may contain cancer cells.

Segmental cystectomy
May be used when a bladder cancer patient has a low-grade cancer that has invaded the bladder wall in just one area. During this treatment, only part of the bladder is removed.

Transurethral resection
May be used to treat early forms of bladder cancer by removing the cancer and burning away any remaining cancer cells with an electric current.

Bladder cancer treatment always depends on many factors, including the stage and location of the cancer. By speaking with a bladder cancer doctor, a patient can better understand which bladder treatment options are best for their case. 

Bladder Cancer Treatment and Surgery Questions and Appointments
Contact us for more information about our bladder cancer treatments and surgeries.