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Wellness and Support Services

Cancer and its treatment can have lasting effects on your physical, emotional and spiritual health. While our physicians offer outstanding cancer treatment, we realize that you and your caregivers can benefit from additional care and support.

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Supportive Oncology and Palliative Care

Through all phases of cancer treatment and beyond, recovery or survivorship, our support care teams will design an integrated program with the primary goal of improving your quality of life.

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Integrative Oncology

Integrative oncology puts patients front and center. It draws from scientific evidence and uses mind-body practices, natural products and lifestyle changes alongside your regular cancer treatments.

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Managing Effects of Treatment

Effectively managing the impact of cancer treatment through comprehensive care approaches, including pain management, outpatient rehabilitation and specialized therapies such as speech and swallowing rehabilitation and oncology acutherapy.

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Health and Wellness Support

Providing holistic health and wellness support for cancer patients through tailored nutrition services, exercise and wellness programs, as well as addressing sexual and reproductive health concerns.

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Emotional and Spiritual Support

Offering essential emotional and spiritual support for cancer patients through psychiatric oncology services, compassionate spiritual health healing and dedicated support groups.

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Patient and Caregiver Resources

Comprehensive resources for cancer patients and caregivers, including access to social services, wellness center amenities and specialized offerings from our Radiance Boutique.

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Cancer survivorship involves ongoing medical check-ups, emotional support, and lifestyle changes to maintain health and well-being. Survivors often celebrate milestones and cherish life while managing potential long-term effects of treatment.

Adult Survivorship

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Life after a cancer diagnosis can be anything but ordinary. At Winship, we're here to assist our patients and their loved ones to transition through and after their treatment.

Young Adult Survivorship

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Childhood cancer survivors require specialized follow-up care. At Winship, we provide a program specifically tailored to assist you.

Leave a Lasting Impact

Support from generous partners like you allows our physicians and scientists to search for cures and care for patients with cancer. From annual gifts supporting research and patient care, to major contributions establishing research funds, endowing chairs and naming programs and centers, to gifts that honor and memorialize loved ones — each contribution makes a meaningful difference and leaves a lasting impact.