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Breast Cancer Resources at Winship             

  • Breast Cancer Education Class for the Newly Diagnosed Patient -- This free class, held monthly throughout the year. Please call fore date, time and location. This education class offers answers to questions related to breast cancer including: side effects of treatments, sexual issues and nutrition during therapy.

To register, call Mary Brookhart at (404)-778-2577.

  • Genetic Counseling/ High Risk Clinic -- Emory University's Cancer Genetics Program provides risk assessment and counseling for patients and families concerned about the possibility of a hereditary cancer risk. A genetic counseling visit includes a review of the family history of cancer, personalized risk assessment and discussion of surveillance and genetic testing options. A summary letter is provided to the patient and their referring physician. Find out who may benefit from genetic counseling by answering a few questions in this short questionnaire.
  • Lymphedema Specialist/Physical Therapist -- is available by appointment to discuss concerns regarding lymphedema (arm swelling post breast cancer surgery). You will need a prescription from your physician before you call for an appointment. 

    Schedule Appointment 
    (404) 778-4529

  • Nutritional Services -- Nutrition plays an important role in your care during and after treatment at Winship. Recommendations about food and eating for cancer patients can be very different from the usual suggestions for healthful eating. This can be confusing for many patients because these new suggestions may seem to be the opposite of what they've always heard. Our licensed dietitian is available to answer questions and address concerns about managing your diet, weight, treatment side effects, and supplement information.

    Schedule Nutritionist Appointment
    (404) 778-5646

  • Patient and Family Resource Center -- At Winship, we know that cancer patients and their families need more than just top notch medical care. That's why we created the Patient and Family Resource Center: to give patients and their families a single source for help. The Center combines a comfortable atmosphere with a library of educational literature about cancer--from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. There are informational brochures, magazines, books and videos, in English and Spanish, available for check-out. We have materials targeted toward children as well as adults. Computer terminals with Internet access for research or checking e-mail are located in private rooms within the Center. Our staff is available to answer questions and to help you find the cancer resources you need. Radiance Boutique has created a private personal atmosphere where patients may schedule an appointment or stop in to receive a wide range of services and supplies for their special needs from diagnosis through their recovery.
  • Pastoral Care -- The personal and spiritual concerns of patients and families are important to the quality of care Winship provides. At Winship, the Pastoral Services department provides chaplains who offer spiritual care, presence and support to patients, families and staff. The support of the chaplain continues from the outpatient to inpatient care facilities. Located on the first floor, the Winship interfaith Purdom Chapel, is open to everyone for individual time of silence, prayer and meditation. Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pastoral Services
(404) 778-4691 Regular Business Hours
(404) 712-2000 Nights and Weekends

  • Patient Counseling -- Coping with cancer can be a daunting experience. Illness and treatment may affect family life, functioning at work or school, financial stability, planning for the future. Persons with cancer and their loved ones may experience periods of sadness or anxiety as they adjust to the ramifications of illness. Communication with family, friends or coworkers can become strained and daily responsibilities such as caring for children or managing the household may become difficult to handle while undergoing treatment. Feeling "in control" may be a challenge.

  • Oncology social workers are available to help those who are affected by cancer to cope with these concerns. Each provides practical assistance, individual, family and group counseling. In addition, they moderate support and educational programs and can provide referrals to community resources.

Contact Counselors
(404) 778-5933

  • Young Woman's Breast Cancer Support Group meets monthly. Caregivers are invited quarterly.

    For locations and times, contact Rebecca Sizemore (404) 778-5926.