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Esophageal Cancer: Patient Information

Esophageal Cancer is becomming more common in the United States. This is possibly because  GERD is also on the rise, which leads to Barrett's esophagus, which  is a condition that can lead to adenocarcinoma, the most commom type of esophagus cancer. Treatment of esophagus cancer is determined by the stage or size of the tumor when it is found. The specialists at Winship upon determination of the stage and evaluation of other factors will come up with a  plan for treatment. Surgery will be recommended when possible and in some patients can be done using non-invaseive techniques.

The important thing to remember is that a specialized team, experienced in treating esophageal cancer, is important when choosing a place to receive cancer care. If you would like to visit our cancer center to discuss your healthcare, please visit our Becoming a Patient secion for appointment information and other helpful links.