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Prostate Cancer Info

Healthy Lifestyle changes are important always, but can be especially beneficial following a cancer diagnosis. Here are some resouces that may be helpful.

Suggested Websites

American Cancer Society

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Navigating Cancer


Eating Healthy

Eating right can be hard for anyone, but it can get even tougher during and after cancer treatment. One of the best things to do after cancer treatment is put healthy eating habits into place. Often, people are surprised at the  long-term benefits of some simple changes, like increasing the variety of healthy foods they eat. Here are a few suggestions for better choices.

Soy Milk: Available  at Kroger's, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Publix (best brand: Organic Soymilk, light, vanilla, store brand). There is also soy-yogurt, soy-cheese and soy ice cream.

Lycopene: Found in tomato paste (1 tbsp. every day), watermelon, tomatoes and pink grapefruit.

Tumeric: Tumeric is a yellow powder spice, that comes from a root, like ginger, and can be bought as an herbal supplement in health stores, CVS/Walgreen's and also, as a tea. (1 tsp. per day, powder is cheap.)

Meats: Reduce intake of red meat to 1-2 times per week. Alternatives can be fish, chicken, tuna or salmon, since they have Omega-3 fatty acids. Also, reduce your intake of processed meats like cold cuts and lunch meats.

Fruits and Vegetables: Eat at least 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Dark fruits and vegetables are more beneficial, such as red beets, collard greens, spinach, brocoli, green beans, blueberries, cherries, watermelon, plums and prunes.

General Tips: Grill, broil, poach or roast pultry or fish rather than fry or bake.

Basic Principles

Here at Winship, we consider these to be the priniciples for any healthly life style.

  1. Quit smoking!
  2. Maintian a healthy weight.
  3. Exercise daily. 30-40 minutes of walking is considered "exercise".
  4. In nutrition, "whole vs. refined" and "plant vs. animal". Beans, grains, soy, nuts, whole grain cereals="whole". White flour, white rice, white bread="refined".


Going through diagnosis, treatment and survival can take its toll on anyone. Take advantage of these services for help and advice.

Prostate Cancer Support group:  Jim Hankins, 404-778-5933, meets the first Wednesday of the month

ED Clinic:  Brooks Goodgame, PA, 405-778-3854

Social Worker:  Martha Giardina, 404-778-4627

Dietician: Tiffany Barrett, 4047-778-5646

Winship Resource Center:  1st Floor, Building C, left of the cafeteria

Information Materials/Recommendations:

  1. NCI free booklet 1-800-4-CANCER
  2. "The Prostate Cancer Treatment Book", FREE copies, 1-877-330-7722
  3. "Younger Next Year" by Chris Crowly & Henry S. Lodge (available on Amazon)
  4. "100 Questions and Answers" by Pamela Ellsworth, MD (avilable on Amazon)