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Radiance Boutique

The Radiance Boutique at Winship offers cancer survivors a feeling of beauty that is much more than skin deep and is most definitely felt with the heart. This boutique is stocked to the brim with wigs, compression garments, and mastectomy bras and prostheses to heal beyond a medical level. Boutique coordinator and certified professional Elizabeth Goodman spends her days measuring, fitting and offering garments to men and women of all ages to, as she said, "help them maintain their dignity and find hope for normalcy on their journey toward recovery."

  • Wigs - Wigs of the highest quality of synthetic and natural hair are available. The patient's cap size is measured, and hair can be ordered to match the natural hair. Patients can go to a hair dresser and  have the wig styled the same way their natural hair was styled.
  • Compression Garments - We offer compression garments for lymphedema patients including armsleeves, gauntlets and gloves  as well as knee, thigh and pantyhose for vascular and hematology patients. Compression sleeves and socks are fashioned to provide the perfect amount of constriction on different parts of a leg or arm to increase circulation.  
  • Mastectomy Bras and Prostheses - Patients can schedule a pre-surgery consultation to discuss options and receive guidance about  post surgical and mastectomy bras, camisoles and breast prosthesis. Patients who have undergone surgeries including lumpectomy, mastectomy and reconstruction can feel beautiful again and prevent irreversible back problems that occur by not replacing the weight and mass removed through surgery.
    Please call or email Elizabeth Goodman to set an appointment  at (404) 778-1264 or