Career Development

Winship Cancer Institute provides faculty and clinical staff with career development opportunities and resources designed to guide and enhance professional and personal growth.

K12 Oncology Training

The Winship K12 Clinical Oncology Training Program is a career development program, supported by the National Cancer Institute, for clinician-investigators in the conduct of therapeutic cancer clinical research.

Winship Oncology Observership Fellowship

The Winship Oncology Observership Fellowship provides educational exposure for early to mid-career practicing oncologists from low and middle-income countries, particularly from sub-Saharan African countries.

Winship Preceptorship for Breast/Lung Oncologists from Latin America

The Winship Preceptorship for Breast/Lung Oncologists from Latin America program seeks to provide educational exposure for early- to mid-career practicing oncologists from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

Programa de entrenamiento en cancer de seno y pulmon para oncologos de Latinoamerica

El programa de entrenamiento del instituto cancerologico Winship para oncólogos latinoamericanos interesados en cancer de seno y pulmonar ofrece rotaciones con expertos en el area y esta enfocado en entrenar oncólogos que se encuentran en inicios o mediados de sus carreras como oncologos y que provienen de Brasil, Argentina, México o Colombia.

APP Fellowship Program

The APP Fellowship Program provides structured and supportive post graduate training and education for advanced practice providers in hematology, medical oncology, bone marrow transplant and radiation oncology.

Oncology Nurse Training

At Winship Cancer Institute, we invest in keeping oncology nursing staff current and informed with a number of programs and courses to continue their education.

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