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Role of MRI - Bobby Kalb
Role of Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) - Field Willingham (will not be posted)
Surgical Resection: Who, What, When, and Why? - David Kooby
Stents for Malignant Biliary and Duodenal Obstruction: Plastic, Metal, or Covered Metal? - Steven Keilin
The Evolving Role of Radiation Therapy - Roberto Diaz
Management of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer - Tanios Bekaii-Saab
Medical Management of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors - Natalyn Hawk
Radiation Therapy is Neccessary - Jerome Landry
Perioperative Chemotherapy is the Best Treatment - John Kauh
Surgical Approach to Patients with Peritoneal Carcinomatosis: The Emory Experience - Charles Staley
Surgical Management of Liver Metastasis: Chemotherapy Considerations and Hepatic Arterial Infusion Therapy - Shishir K Maithel
Surveillance and Management of Systemic Therapy Side Effects - Edith Brutcher
Personalized Medicine in GI Oncology from Gastric to Colorectal Cancer: Are We There Yet? - Bassel El-Rayes
Hereditary Syndromes in teh Clinical Management of GI Malingancies - Heather Hampel
Transplantation for HCC: Preoperative Considerations - Stuart  Knechtle
Resection for HCC: Patietn Selection is Key - Juan Sarmiento
Interventional Oncology for HCC - Kevin Kim (will not be posted)
GIST: Gleevec and Beyond - Sujana Movva
Considerations for Intra-abdonminal and Retroperitoneal Sarcoma GIST: Who Needs Prepoerative Treatment? - Keith Delman