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About the Kidney Cancer Program at Winship Cancer Institute

The kidney cancer program at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University in Atlanta, GA offers advanced treatments for kidney cancer patients (including genitourinary cancer) in Georgia and the Southeast.

What is Kidney Cancer or Renal Cell Cancer?
Humans have two kidneys that lie in the back of the abdominal wall—one on the left side and one on the right side of the body.

The kidneys play a central role in the regulation of water concentration inside the body. They also remove liquid waste products and foreign chemicals from the blood and excrete them in urine. The body can function with only one kidney.

Kidney cancer, also called renal cell cancer, develops most often in people over 40. The exact cause of kidney cancer is largely unknown, but there are some things that are known to increase the risk of developing kidney cancer, including:

  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • High-Blood Pressure

Types of Kidney Cancer and Renal Cell Cancer

There are different types of cancer that can develop in the kidneys:

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC): The most common type of kidney cancer.
    RCC is further broken down into five categories, depending on the type of cell from which it develops:
    • Clear cell
    • Chromophobe
    • Collecting duct
    • Papillary
    • Unclassified
  • Renal Sarcomas
  • Transitional Cell Carcinoma: Similar to bladder cancer and treated similarly.
  • Wilms' Tumors: Found in children.

Kidney Cancer Questions and Appointments
Contact us for more information about our kidney cancer treatment programs.