College Student Volunteers

Winship provides college student volunteers with the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience that makes a difference in the lives of our patients, families, visitors, and staff everyday.

At Winship, there are a variety of opportunities for college volunteers that fuel a genuine desire to serve others and explore the careers available in health care.

Virtual Summer Program

The Emory Healthcare Virtual Summer Student program is an eight-week program geared towards high school and undergraduate college students. This program will have participants from each of the Emory Healthcare hospitals, Winship Cancer Institute, and The Emory Clinic. All program participants will participate in a minimum of ten virtual and interactive webinars with healthcare professionals (clinical and nonclinical) from across Emory Healthcare. The program will run from June 1st – July 31st.

As part of the program, Winship will also offer participants an opportunity to develop and implement a virtual service project. Participants will be broken up into groups and the virtual service project will be created to benefit Winship patients and/or staff.


Service hours will be granted for all attended Zoom sessions. Sign up and registration will be required for each webinar, along with the completion of a post survey in order to verify attendance. In addition, service hours will be granted for the planning and implementation of the virtual service project.


  • Applicants must be an undergraduate college student.
  • Attend program orientation, as well as the closing ceremony at the end of the program.
  • Weekly webinars will be available. However, all participants are required to attend a minimum of ten webinars over the course of eight weeks.
  • Working with a group, create and implement a virtual service project that will benefit staff and/or patients.

TO APPLY (Applications accepted March 1st – 31st)

Winship applicants will need to fill out and submit an application, along with two (2) recommendation forms.

If you have any questions, please contact Volunteer Services at (404) 778-5286.

Fall and Spring Semesters

All student volunteers are required to serve for 12 weeks and commit to a minimum of 8 hours per month.

Fall Semester: The fall program runs from September 1 - December 1. Applications for the fall semester are ONLY accepted July 1 - August 1.

Spring Semester: The spring program runs from January 19 - May 1. Applications for the spring semester are ONLY accepted November 1 - December 1.

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