Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion at Winship will accelerate our mission of discovering cures for cancer and inspiring hope.

At Winship, we believe an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce that reflects the patients we serve, strengthens our cancer research, enhances the outcomes and experience of our patients, and deepens our bonds with the community.

Enhancing workforce diversity

By strengthening efforts to build a more diverse workforce and to foster critical diversity among cancer center leadership, we enable greater creativity; encourage more thoughtful ways to overcome barriers to prevention, treatment and quality of cancer care; and support our cancer center's plans to more fully reflect the state of Georgia, in which we serve.

Our objectives include:

  • Establishing the optimal infrastructure to promote diversity in Winship's research workforce, center leadership and advisory boards.
  • Advancing effective pipeline programs by developing new partnerships and opportunities in the catchment area to increase diversity among trainees.
  • Promoting career growth and leadership opportunities for individuals from historically underrepresented groups in cancer research and center leadership.

Engaging with our community

Winship's Community Outreach and Engagement promotes and facilitates community-facing research and activities for Winship Cancer Institute through initiatives across the state of Georgia. One of the key aims is to disseminate evidence-based interventions to reduce the cancer burden in Georgia by promoting healthy lifestyles, increasing screening and early detection, and improving access to clinical trials, with a special emphasis on rural and other underserved communities.

Training tomorrow's researchers

At Winship, we are leveraging existing educational programs, faculty development programs, formal programs for leadership development and mentorship to advance the careers of individuals from historically underrepresented groups, including those who are women, Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ, first-in-college, from rural areas and lower socio-economic status.

Programs and initiatives include the following:

We are also working to enhance our connections with historically Black colleges and universities in Georgia, and members of the community to develop a more diverse pipeline of researchers for the future.

At Winship, we are committed to improving the delivery of quality cancer care and to enhancing the care experience of patients in our community.

Ruben, leukemia survivor

"I was confident in Winship doctors and nurses for cancer care. Winship has experts in my type of leukemia."

Janice, lung cancer survivor

"You want a doctor who's gonna be there for you...and take you to the best course of treatment."

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